Posted by: Jen | July 11, 2010

Carpet Stain Buster – coffee stain

coffee stain...before

Our stairs are spotted with assorted random stains.   I decided to go at it with the Norwex Carpet Stain buster.  I got all the “grey” spots out, caused by dirty feet or who-knows-what!  There was this brown stain, which I’m going to say is COFFEE because in a house with 2 boys and a dog, it couldn’t be anything else…right?!  To be honest, I do take big mugs of coffee up and down the stairs so yes, probably coffee!  The Carpet Stain Buster is to be diluted (whoops – I didn’t read that until after) but I just used a smidge and rubbed with an Enviro cloth, then blotted it up.  Once again I was suprised by its effectiveness.  The stain is gone – and it hasn’t come back!

The After picture was taken when it was still a little damp.  I went to take a picture of it today to show that there’s absolutely nothing left of it – but I couldn’t tell which stair it was…!

And after!


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