Posted by: Jen | June 16, 2010

July & August Hostess Special – THE MOP!

Check out the June hostess special….everyone’s favourite mop!  You know those Swiffer commercials with the sad old traditional mop out in the garage…well that’s where the Swiffer will end up once you give this mop a try.  Using just water, this mop will leave your floor looking great – and more importantly, cleaner than any other mop will.  Chemicals sit on your floor and are absorbed through your family’s feet.  With the Norwex mop your floor will be clean and your environment will be healthier.  The antibacterial mop picks up 99.9% of bacteria off your floor.  You can also use it on your walls, windows – get creative!  The mop pads attach with velcro – easy – and can go in the laundry no problem (the pads have the “soft” velcro, so no worries about tangling with your laundry).  Still lots of dates open in August, so e-mail me to book today!



  1. […] you host a party in July or August, you’ll receive a mop package! Plus many more items, depending on your party’s sales! Other items include the awesome […]

  2. good prices

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